In the last decades, mobile technologies and apps have flooded the market in every industry. The idea of creating a mobile app comes to mind for many, from small shop owners to high-tech industries. When you plan to create one, the question of cost arises: How much financial resources are needed to launch a mobile app? In this article, we will explain everything that makes up the cost of creating an app.

Factors That Determine App Development Cost

The price to make an app depends on various factors. Some of them are:

  • MVP (minimum viable product) development: An MVP will give you a clearer understanding of your app and how it can evolve in the future.
  • Development type: You can use an in-house team or outsource.
  • Number of platforms: You choose whether you need an Android or iOS app. You can choose both and then decide between two types of development: hybrid (one app for two platforms) and native (a separate app for each platform).
  • Design complexity
  • Complexity of features

The quality level of your app will depend on the level of expertise of your development partner. If you need a simple app, you can turn to relatively young companies (under five years old), outsource to an experienced mobile development team, or use a mobile app maker with ready-made modules to create an app yourself. Here, the price would start in the $2,000- $15,000 range.

If you need high user engagement, in-app purchases, data management, location services, and custom features, you are going beyond a simple application. In this territory, the budget will start at $250,000. Concurrently, every new feature, technology, and additional development will significantly increase the cost.

In the end, no article online will help you calculate the exact cost of an app. It depends on too many factors — even before you list the features and technologies, and even when you need a simple app. Therefore, understanding the most important factors that determine the cost of an app is what you should start with. The next step is finding the right partner for your project.